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Harry Potter Music Box

Music & Child Development: A Relation to Explore

Music has been a part of civilisation for centuries. Every culture has embraced music. It has established its presence in every aspect of our lives - from movies to prayers & celebrations. When it comes to child development, music could play a crucial role.  Several studies conclude that music can nudge children's brain growth forward. 

You might have noticed children moving their heads, hands, or legs when they listen to the music they enjoy. They like some of their favourite songs to be played again and again. You could hand them a music box, and you will see them playing it over & over again. Along with making them happy, it also brings several positive impacts on them, such as exposure to emotions, a sense of self, etc. Hence, it is crucial for parents to realise the importance and role of music in child development. It can soothe and calm the kids, make them feel happy and joyful, improve communication skills, along with offering several more benefits.

How does Music Impact Child Development?

Most people get exposure to music long before they even learn to read, write, or even speak. Most grownups usually have some fond memory attached to a particular music from their childhood. But how does it genuinely aid in a child's development? What alterations does music make to their brain to aid in their development? Here’s how:

  1. Impact on IQ: IQ can increase due to music. Studies have demonstrated the long-term benefits of studying an instrument. According to research, children who took piano lessons for a year and practised regularly experienced an IQ increase of up to three points.
  2. Impact on Communication & Imagination: Babbling and sound play help babies create the brain connections needed for hearing and speaking even before they can speak. Did you know that newborns who hear language that is responsive to them as well as directed at them tend to babble more and have greater vocabulary as toddlers? Children can rapidly and easily imitate the music and sounds they hear as an extra means of comprehending and making sense of their environment.
  3. Impact on Sensory Development: Exposing your youngster to several musical genres can increase the number of connections between brain cells. When you associate music with various activities, like dancing, this effect is amplified even further.
  4. Impact on Emotions: Children who appreciate and study music may be more emotionally mature and have a greater capacity for cross-cultural empathy. They also frequently have superior anxiety management skills and stronger self-esteem. 
  5. Impact on Speech: According to research, toddlers' verbal intelligence is considerably increased by taking music classes. 90% of youngsters showed verbal intelligence after 20 days of music instruction, according to the study.



If you want your younger one to indulge in music, delve into various genres of music. You could also gift them a Harry Potter themed wooden music box from our inventory. Does your child enjoy soft soulful music? Do they love Harry Potter? This music box with hand crank is just what you will need!


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